The 2013 Feltron Annual Report examines a year of Nicholas Felton’s communication data. It aspires to uncover patterns and insights within the data and metadata of a large and personal data set. Sources include conversations, SMS, telephone calls, email, Facebook messages and physical mail.

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Link: Defend Journalism That Speaks Truth to Power: From Ferguson to Washington | The Nation

Quote: More than the future of journalism is at risk. While every First Amendment freedom is important, Delphine Halgand, the director of the Washington office ofReporters Without Borders makes a vital point when she argues that freedom of the press “is the freedom that allows us to verify the existence of all other freedoms.”

Koebenhavns Moebelsnedkeri, Contemporary, DenmarkWardrobe cabinet in smoked oak. H177 x W101 x D55 cmPrice on request

Koebenhavns Moebelsnedkeri, Contemporary, Denmark
Wardrobe cabinet in smoked oak. H177 x W101 x D55 cm
Price on request


Pair programming w Edward Hieatt, Pivotal Labs COO
~ Film by AirPair 
~ “Two developers working on the same code at the same time”, a buddy system for software development

Link: What is our 1.0 Beta 1 release


Today, after 26 months of really hard work, we will ship our 1.0 Beta release. But what is it?

  • It has all the features of our MVP (the largest minimum viable product ever shipped)
  • It has no known blocking bug for trying the product out
  • It has no known blocking bug for developing an…