Crispin Finn
~ Time again for another iteration of their year planner
~ This lovely design duo has added a folding ‘traditional’ calendar too
~ And they has a Year of the Bus TFL travel card wallet too

London Cycle Superhighways Consultations
~ Improvements and extensions of East-West and a North-South (largely) segregated cycle routes
~ Responses can be submitted up until Sunday 19 October 2014
~ This follows on directly from the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London

More info:

Link: Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls | TechCrunch


Hundreds of fast food workers across America were arrested today while protesting for fair wages. 

Here are two powerful pictures from New York City’s strikes.

Photos: Lauren Gambino for The Guardian

~ Fair wages benefit EVERYONE

CSS Shapes Editor, by Razvan Caliman
~ A Chrome Dev Tools extension that builds & manipulates CSS shapes
~ Visually wrap text & clipping paths